Welcome to Mayan Sun Salons!

Mayan Sun Salons is family owned and operated by people who have lived in the Thetis Heights area for over twenty years.

Styled on the art of indigenous Central American peoples, our concept was to try and give you a relaxing getaway, if only for a half hour or so. With genuine Mexican tile and artifacts, and hours of research we think we've succeeded.

But style is nothing without substance. With that in mind, we've brought in some of the best beds and stand-up units available to ensure that even, bronze shade. We've been very discerning with what makes it into our full product line of lotions and accessories. With great options ranging from single airbrush sessions to short term or longer term tanning packages, to simple drop-in rates, Mayan Sun Salons has 'the power of the sun, for everyone'.

Our staff is SmartTan trained and certified, capable of answering your questions, or to simply offer tanning advice. Each unit is equipped with a CD/tape player for you to use. Bring your music and your headphones!

So, stop in, see us, and have a little bit of Mexico on the way home!